Process Server Certification

Statutes, Rules, and Resources for Process Servers 

Important: Informational Notice

Please refer to MESA SW MANAGEMENT, LP, et al. v. BBVA US, 2022 WL 557474 (Ct. App. - Dallas 2022) where the court reversed a default judgment because the return of service showed a business entity received service, but a process server executed the service. The court determined the service did not comply with Rule 105, TRCP. The Rule envisions one person receiving and serving process. Since the record did not affirmatively reflect strict compliance with the rules, it could not support default judgment.


Please find the following on the Texas Constitution and Statutes web site:

Additional Information

Supreme Court of Texas Misc. Docket Order 13-9165 and Rule 21(f)(1), Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, require lawyers to electronically file documents in specified counties beginning January 1, 2014. The Order does not require that process servers electronically file returns.

Rule 107(g), Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, states: "The return and any documents to which it is attached must be filed with the court and may be filed electronically or by facsimile, if those methods of filing are available." The rule allows, but does not require, electronic filing of the return.

Updated: 10/02/2023