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EFFECTIVE DATE: Current forms are posted online.  If you need an older version, please contact travel@txcourts.gov.

Travel Guidance

Travel Related Forms

Travel Voucher Form

Used by state employees and board members for reimbursement of travel expenses.  Please contact travel@txcourts.gov for a current, customized version.

OCA Commercial Travel Request Form

Used by OCA employees to request assistance reserving direct-billed airfare or rental car. Also used to report airfare booked by the traveler on the agency’s travel card.

OCA Mileage vs. Rental Car Calculator Form (eff. 05/25/21 - 12/31/21)

OCA Mileage vs. Rental Car Calculator Form (eff. 01/01/22)

Used to compare the cost of renting a car versus taking a personal vehicle.  Required only for trips that require an overnight stay.  If an employee chooses to take a personal vehicle when renting a car is more cost-effective, the mileage reimbursement will be limited as indicated on the form.

OCA Travel Advance Request Form

Used to request a travel advance for estimated, reimbursable travel expenses to be incurred directly by an OCA employee.

OCA Request to Increase Maximum Lodging Rate Form

Used to request an increase in the maximum lodging rate at a duty point when local conditions hinder an employee from reserving a hotel within the allowable GSA rates.  Must be approved by the OCA Administrative Director.

OCA Point-to-Point Mileage Itemization Form

May be used to record point-to-point mileage of an employee’s vehicle odometer in lieu of using Google Maps to determine mileage.


Travel Related Web Sites


The Texas Comptroller’s guide to travel rules, regulations, and statutes.  Most relevant topics are addressed in the OCA’s Agency Travel Policy; additional travel information can be found in TexTravel.

State Travel Management Program

The Texas Comptroller’s online source of information for travel contracts used by OCA, including airlines, rental cars, travel cards and travel agencies.

Google Maps (Best supported using Google Chrome)

Online mapping service designated by OCA to calculate point-to-point mileage.

In/Out-of-State Meals & Lodging Rates

The Texas Comptroller’s website of current Travel Reimbursement Rates.

Average Weekly Fuel Rate DOE EIA Website

Used to get fuel prices when comparing the cost of renting a car versus taking a personal vehicle.  Link also included in OCA Mileage-Rental Calculator Form.