First Court of Appeals

Photo of Chief Justice Sherry Radack

Chief Justice Sherry Radack

Sherry Radack was appointed Chief Justice of the First Court of Appeals in December 2002 and then elected in 2004. Prior to her tenure on the First Court of Appeals, she was elected in 1998 to serve as a civil district judge in Harris County. Before coming to the bench, Chief Justice Radack practiced with the law firm of Bracewell and Patterson. She received... Read more

Photo of Justice Evelyn Keyes

Justice Evelyn Keyes

Place 4

Justice Evelyn V. Keyes was appointed to the First Court of Appeals by Governor Rick Perry in May 2002. She was elected in November 2002 to the remainder of her predecessor's term and re-elected to six-year terms in 2004, 2010, and 2016. Before joining the First Court, Justice Keyes was a partner in Clements, O'Neill, Pierce, Wilson, and Fulkerson, L.L.P.,... Read more

Photo of Justice Russell Lloyd

Justice Russell Lloyd

Place 3

Justice Russell Lloyd was elected to the First Court of Appeals and took the oath of office on January 1, 2015. He has practiced trial and appellate law for thirty-five years. He served for ten years as Judge of the 334th Civil District Court in Harris County, Texas, where he presided over thousands of cases and more than 300 jury... Read more

Photo of Justice Peter Kelly

Justice Peter Kelly

Place 9

Peter was elected to the First Court of Appeals in 2018. Prior to assuming the bench, he was a founding partner of Kelly, Durham & Pittard, L.L.P., an appellate litigation boutique with offices in Houston, Dallas, and Santa Fe. With twenty-eight years of legal experience, Peter was widely regarded as one of the premier advocates in the Texas Supreme Court... Read more

Photo of Justice Gordon Goodman

Justice Gordon Goodman

Place 2

Justice Gordon Goodman was elected to the First Court of Appeals in 2018. Justice Goodman is a member of the Texas State Bar, Pennsylvania Bar, and Energy Bar Associations. Before serving on the bench, he started his career with the Whittenburg Law Firm in Amarillo, TX, where he focused on civil trials, appellate work, oil & gas law, banking law, and... Read more

Photo of Justice Sarah Beth Landau

Justice Sarah Beth Landau

Place 6

Sarah Beth Landau was elected to the First Court of Appeals in 2018.  Before taking the bench, Justice Landau worked in the appeals division of the Harris County Public Defender’s Office and for 10 years as an Assistant Federal Public Defender, doing trial and appellate work.  Justice Landau has over 20 years of legal experience and has handled over 600... Read more

Photo of Justice Richard Hightower

Justice Richard Hightower

Place 8

Richard Hightower was honored to be elected to the First Court of Appeals in 2018. He is a fifth-generation lawyer and a fourth-generation Texan whose family has served Texas since 1876 as Justice, Judge, Legislator, District Attorney, Sheriff, Texas Ranger, County Clerk, School Board Member, and Educator. Justice Hightower was born in Livingston, Texas and is a 1974 graduate of Livingston... Read more

Photo of Justice Julie Countiss

Justice Julie Countiss

Place 7

Justice Julie Countiss was elected to the First Court of Appeals in 2018. Her father, Justice Richard Countiss, (retired) swore her into office on January 2, 2019. She has practiced law–primarily civil litigation–for seventeen years and served as an assistant county attorney in Harris County prior to assuming the bench. Justice Countiss received her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from University of... Read more