Second Court of Appeals

Attorney Portal 

Web access to documents filed by parties—as well as to notices, orders, and opinions issued by the court—is provided via the Case Information section of the court’s public website.  Clerk’s and reporter’s records, however, are not accessible through the court’s website.  Now, appellate attorneys may obtain secure, online access to these records through the Texas Appellate Management and eFiling System (TAMES) Attorney Portal at

What is available through the Attorney Portal: Documents accessible through the Attorney Portal include the clerk’s record, the reporter’s record, and any supplemental records filed in the case.  An attorney may access appellate records through the Attorney Portal only for cases in which he or she is listed as an attorney of record.  These records will be available for a period of 60 months from the date the record is filed for use in the appeal until mandate issues.  Appellate records often contain sensitive information, and any attorney who obtains copies of appellate records must respect the sensitive nature of this information and maintain its confidentiality.  Furthermore, by registering to use the Attorney Portal, attorneys agree NOT to post downloaded documents to any public websites.

What is NOT available through the Attorney Portal: Sealed records and non-PDF files, such as audio or video exhibits, are not available through the Attorney Portal.  Attorneys wishing to view sealed materials must apply by motion for an order granting access to the sealed information.  To access non-PDF files, please call the clerk’s office at (817) 884-1900 (please note that you may also be asked to submit a written request).  Pro se parties cannot use the Attorney Portal but instead should contact the clerk’s office at (817) 884-1900 to make arrangements to access the record.

Getting Started with the Attorney Portal: Attorneys can register for access to the Attorney Portal at  You will need your bar member number and a known TAMES email address in order to register.  Once you submit your registration, a verification email will be sent to the email address that you specified; you must click the link included in the email to log in and activate your account, using the same email and password that you supplied during registration. For more information, please see the Attorney Portal’s FAQ section at  If you have problems registering, please call this court at (817) 884-1900 for assistance before contacting the Office of Court Administration.