Second Court of Appeals

Oral Arguments 

Instructions Regarding Docket Call Procedure

When you enter the courtroom, please sign in with the clerk seated at the front of the courtroom and inform the clerk the amount of the allotted time you intend to take for your argument. You are encouraged to arrive at the courtroom ten to fifteen minutes before the docket call to allow sufficient time to confer with the clerk about your case. Do not approach the clerk while the court is in session.

After you have checked in with the clerk, please take a seat in the courtroom behind the railing. If you represent a party in the first case, you may be seated at counsel table. Once the panel is seated, the presiding judge will make any necessary announcements and call the first case. As you approach the podium to argue, the clerk will announce your name and the party you represent. Please do not commence your argument until you have been introduced by the clerk and the green light on the podium is turned on.

Recording of Oral Arguments

Effective October 14, 2008 cases that are orally argued are recorded in digital format and posted on the Court’s web site.

Cases that were orally argued prior to October 14, 2008 were recorded on cassette tape. You may purchase a copy of your argument on cassette tape through the clerk’s office. The cost for this is $1.00. If you would like to purchase a copy, please fill out the information below and return the bottom portion along with $1.00 to the clerk’s office.

Video Conferencing Equipment

The Court now offers video conferencing equipment for oral argument of cases transferred to other courts. Please contact the transferee court for case submission information and video teleconferencing capability. To schedule an orientation of the equipment, contact our Clerk's office at least one week prior to the scheduled oral argument.