Second Court of Appeals

January 10, 2012
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02-10-481-CV Jeffery A. Bell and Wanda E. Bell v. Kendall Bennett and KRB Consulting, LLC 29.3 MB Audio
02-11-017-CV Jeffery A. Bell and Wanda E. Bell v. Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Chesapeake Operating, Inc. 17 MB Audio
02-11-199-CR Hankins v. State 34.6 MB Audio

January 17, 2012
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02-11-197-CV City of Haltom City v. Brian Aurell, et al. 53.1 MB Audio

January 18, 2012
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02-11-159-CV Farmers Group Insurance, Inc., et. al v. Tammy Poteet 48.6 MB Audio

January 24, 2012
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02-11-247-CR Jimmy Clinton Little v. The State of Texas 51.9 MB Audio

January 31, 2012
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02-11-279-CV Robert Nicholas Donahue v. Polaris Industries, Inc. 31.9 MB Audio
02-11-147-CV Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company v. Gene Swanigan 26.0 MB Audio

February 08, 2012
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02-11-049-CV Centerplace Properties, Ltd. v. Columbia Medical Center of Lewisville Subsidiary, L.P. d/b/a Medical Center of Lewisville and Raymond Dunning 41.6 MB Audio

February 21, 2012
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02-11-395-CV United Regional Health Care System et al. v. Timothy Hardy et al. 37.0 MB Audio
02-11-288-CV Greg Hilz et al. v. Richard Riedel 31.1 MB Audio

February 28, 2012
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02-11-492-CV Anthony Aldridge v. Thrift Financial Marketing, LLC 54.5 MB Audio
02-11-439-CV Eden Cooper, LP v. City of Arlington, et al. 47.1 MB Audio
02-11-136-CV Paul Kramer and PK Industries et al. v. Melissa and Scot Hollmann 47.3 MB Audio

March 06, 2012
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02-11-139-CR Michael O'Neal Hutchins a/k/a Michael ONeal Hutchins v. State 25.7 MB Audio
02-11-228-CV Ace Fire Underwriters Insurance Company v. Cynthia Simpkins, Beneficiary of Roderick Simpkins, Deceased 37.4 MB Audio
02-11-250-CV BNSF Railway Company v. James E. Phillips 35.8 MB Audio
02-11-209-CV In the Interest of A.B. and H.B., Children 39.9 MB Audio

March 21, 2012
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02-11-184-CV Aimee Delyn Halleman v. Edward Charles Halleman 53.7 MB Audio

March 26, 2012
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02-11-254-CR Miguel Briones v. The State of Texas 53.4 MB Audio
02-11-299-CR Keith D. Hamilton v. The State of Texas 29.7 MB Audio

April 03, 2012
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02-11-364-CV Cortez v. Wyche 34.7 MB Audio
02-11-030-CR Hernandez v. State of Texas 34.2 MB Audio
02-11-260-CR State of Texas v. Julius Virgil Howard 39.1 MB Audio

April 10, 2012
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02-11-272-CR Ex Parte Jose Moreno 58.5 MB Audio
02-11-237-CV Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC v. Giovanni Homes Corporation 54.9 MB Audio
02-11-170-CV Lainie Whitmire and Ray Whitmire v. National Cutting Horse Association 55.2 MB Audio

April 17, 2012
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02-11-269-CV Jerry C. Hamilton v. XTO Energy, Inc. 48.7 MB Audio
02-11-283-CV In the Interest of W.M.R., a Child 50.2 MB Audio
02-11-378-CV David J. Kantner and wife, Sheri K. Kantner, et al. v. Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Chesapeake Exploration, LLC
— consolidated with: 02-11-379-CV, 02-11-380-CV, 02-11-381-CV, 02-11-382-CV, 02-11-383-CV, 02-11-384-CV, 02-11-385-CV, 02-11-386-CV, 02-11-387-CV, 02-11-388-CV, 02-11-389-CV, 02-11-390-CV
29.5 MB Audio
02-11-243-CR Christopher L. Smith v. The State of Texas 31.3 MB Audio

April 18, 2012
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02-11-204-CV Sheffield Development Company, Inc. v. Carter & Burgess, Inc. 50.7 MB Audio

April 25, 2012
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02-12-009-CV Columbia North Hills Hospital v. Bulmaro Alvarez, et al. 37.7 MB Audio

May 15, 2012
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02-11-258-CV ROPA Exploration Corp. v. Barash Energy, Ltd. 37.7 MB Audio
02-11-087-CR Richard Allan Gard v. The State of Texas 30.1 MB Audio
02-11-431-CV MBR & Associates, Inc. and Marion Brian Ramon v. William S. Lile 56.9 MB Audio

May 22, 2012
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02-11-434-CV Patricia Palmer v. Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc. 25.1 MB Audio
02-11-454-CV Mahmood Ghaseekhalili and Fatema Faiyaz v. Cinemacar Leasing, Inc. 30.4 MB Audio
02-11-345-CR Brian Shawn Gilley v. The State of Texas 32.4 MB Audio
02-11-391-CV $1760.00 in United States Currency, 37 "8" Liner Machines 48.8 MB Audio

May 29, 2012
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02-11-126-CV Amy Sipes and Tana Trevino v. Sunmount Corporation and The State of Texas - Department of Transportation 52.6 MB Audio
02-12-047-CV Judy A. Jennings and Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau v. WallBuilder Presentations, Inc. et al. 55.2 MB Audio

June 5, 2012
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02-12-182-CR Ex Parte Randy Serrato 21.1 MB Audio
02-12-032-CV Mustang Special Utility District v. Providence Village 28.3 MB Audio
02-11-436-CV Christopher Brown and Carrie Brown v. Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc. 66.4 MB Audio

June 13, 2012
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02-10-444-CR Stephanie Bekendam v. The State of Texas 92.3 MB Audio

September 4, 2012
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02-12-196-CV New Hampshire Insurance Company v. Magellan Reinsurance Company, et al. 44.2 MB Audio
02-12-116-CV Texas Department of Criminal Justice v. Bonnie Ledbetter, et al. 45.3 MB Audio
02-11-471-CV Jesse A. Rocamontes and Kimberly S. Grobe v. Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries, Inc. and Patsy S. Wilson 24.2 MB Audio
02-11-473-CR Wilkie Schell Colyer, Jr. v. The State of Texas 26.7 MB Audio

September 18, 2012
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02-11-460-CV Wendy Kritzer v. Scott E. Kasden, M.D. and Scott E. Kasden, M.D., P.A 34.7 MB Audio
02-12-050-CV Helmut Volmich and Petra Volmich v. Richard Braden Neiman and Traci L. Neiman 13.5 MB Audio
02-12-061-CV The City of Keller v. Kimberlee Diane Meadors Hall and A. Thomas Hall 33.2 MB Audio

September 19, 2012
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02-12-070-CV LIT HW 1, L.P. v. The Town of Flower Mound, Texas et al. 34.8 MB Audio
02-12-081-CV Fain Family First Limited Partnership and Fain Management Corporation v. EOG Resources, Inc. 51.7 MB Audio

September 25, 2012
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02-11-464-CV Darrell Lake, et al. v. George F. Cravens, M.D., et al. 48.3 MB Audio
02-11-203-CR Gerardo Tomas Rivas v. The State of Texas.
— consolidated with: 02-11-204-CR, 02-11-205-CR
29.4MB Audio
02-12-151-CV John McCracken v. MonoSol RX, LLC 35.6 MB Audio

September 26, 2012
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02-12-055-CV Jerry N. Stansbury, as Independent Executor and Co-Trustee v. The Attorney General of Texas, Other Putative Interested Party
— consolidated with: 02-12-109-CV, 02-12-115-CV
55 MB Audio
02-11-439-CR Earnest Ross v. The State of Texas
— consolidated with: 02-11-440-CR
32.9 MB Audio

October 2, 2012
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02-11-373-CV JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. v. Professional Pharmacy II 39 MB Audio
02-12-065-CV TWI XVIII, Inc. and Texas Wings, Inc. v. Christopher S. Carroll Number 1, Ltd. 36.7 MB Audio
02-12-221-CV City of Watauga v. Russell Gordon 19.2 MB Audio
02-12-085-CR Jerry Paul Lundgren v. The State of Texas 30.7 MB Audio

October 3, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-088-CV LEJ Development Corporation and L.E. Jowell, Jr. 35.7 MB Audio
02-12-037-CV Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. v. Houston Helicopters, Inc. 37.6 MB Audio

October 16, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-11-313-CR Raphael John Donato v. The State of Texas 31.1 MB Audio
02-12-122-CV Clinton Brunson, M.D. v. Ellvan Johnston 33.4 MB Audio
02-12-233-CV RCS Enterprises, LP, et al. v. Darrell G. Hilton, et al. 33.9 MB Audio
02-11-420-CR Jimmie Doyle Roberts v. The State of Texas 28.3 MB Audio
02-12-056-CV Kevin D. Spruell, et. al. v. USA Gardens at Vail Leasco, L.L.C., et al. 28.6 MB Audio

October 17, 2012
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02-12-141-CV In the Interest of S.I.-M.G., et al., v. Denton 22.9 MB Audio
02-12-276-CV Richard Baumeister, et al., v. James Gary Reagan, et al.
  — consolidated with: 02-12-277-CV 
45.5 MB Audio

October 23, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-212-CV Nortex Foundation Designs, Inc. v. Douglas H. Ream and Karen S. Ream 25.2 MB Audio
02-12-058-CV William J. Kelly, Ariel I. Quiros, and Technotree International, LLC v. Phillip Hinson and Don Siratt   37 MB Audio
02-12-210-CV Tejas Fun L.P. v. Just for fun Grapevine, Inc., John Lemley, and Laura Lemley
  — consolidated with: 02-12-234-CV 
32. 4MB Audio
02-11-157-CR Charles Stobaugh v. The State of Texas   32.3 MB Audio
02-11-488-CR Ronnie Jraun Otems, Jr. v. The State of Texas   30.2 MB Audio

October 30, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-057-CV In the Interest of N.W. and N.W.C. Children v. Denton 33.2 MB Audio
02-11-470-CV Adam Young v. Nortex Foundation Designs, Inc. 34.3 MB Audio
02-12-097-CR Ex parte Monaz Ahamad Meman 23.4 MB Audio
02-11-376-CR Mariesha Ohlfs v. The State of Texas 17.3 MB Audio

November 6, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-094-CV Loch 'N Green Village Section Two Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Sharon Murtaugh, et al. 21.2 MB Audio
02-11-472-CR Tyra Ann Whitney v. The State of Texas 34.3 MB Audio

November 27, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-11-392-CV Pasquinelli Portrait Homes-Durango Ridge LP, et al. v. Securlock at Bedford, Ltd., et al. 41.7 MB Audio
02-12-045-CV Rukmi Indah Idniarti, et al. v. Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc., et al 35.2 MB Audio
02-11-437-CV Fire Insurance Exchange v. Judy Kennedy 28.8 MB Audio
02-12-040-CV City of Grapevine and Grapevine Board of Adjustment v. CBS Outdoor, Inc 36.5 MB Audio
02-12-200-CV Thomas G. McCoy v. Alden Industries, Inc. 37 MB Audio

November 28, 2012
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02-12-348-CV In re Steven and Shyla Lipsky and Alisa Rich 21.2 MB Audio

December 04, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-077-CV Patriot Residential Management Services, LLC v. Carlos Lazo d/b/a Maxwell Finish Co. 33.3 MB Audio
02-12-206-CV Kelly L. Kilpatrick v.  Timothy S. Kilpatrick and Kevin K. Kilpatrick 34.7 MB Audio
02-12-071-CR John Walter Raybon v. State 34.5 MB Audio
02-12-161-CR Nicole Renee Glasschroeder v. State 34.8 MB Audio
02-12-084-CV Mamoon N. Alahmad v. Ismail “Sam” Abukhdair 30.9 MB Audio

December 05, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-11-445-CV Leonard Hornsby and Sue Allen v. Tarrant County College District. 36.6 MB Audio
02-11-033-CR Lawrence Donovan v. The State of Texas 39.9 MB Audio

December 11, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-262-CV Betty Lou Bradshaw v. Peter G. Bennis and Cleburne Bible Church 36.6 MB Audio
02-12-166-CV Nabors Drilling USA, L.P. v. Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc 35.0 MB Audio
02-12-028-CV Bryan L. Walter v. Donald E. Teller and Sonya Dee Jennings 36.2 MB Audio
02-12-171-CV The Town of Annetta South, Texas; Gerhard Kleinschmidt; James Ablowich; Phillip Kuntz; and David Goolsby v. Seadrift Development, L.P. 43.7 MB Audio

December 13, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-059-CV In the Interest of W.G.O. III, a minor child 33.2 MB Audio

December 18, 2012
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-201-CV Mary Ellen Little, et al. v. Delta Steel, Inc. et al. 34.1 MB Audio
02-11-407-CR Mark Honish v. The State of Texas 28.8 MB Audio