Second Court of Appeals

Local Rules 

Table of Rules

Rule 1: Briefs

  1. Cover.
  2. Motions for Leave to File Briefs.
  3. Letter Briefs.
  4. Filing Dates.
  5. Recording or Exhibit.

Rule 2: Original Proceedings

Rule 3: Motions

  1. Number of Copies.
  2. Signatures and Certificates.
  3. Motions for Extension of Time in Criminal Cases.
  4. Motions for Rehearing and En Banc Reconsideration.

Rule 4: Oral Argument

  1. Request.
  2. Time Allowed.
  3. Continuance.
  4. Waiver.

Rule 5: Fax Filing of Documents

  1. By the Court.
  2. By the Parties.

Rule 6: Withdrawal of Record on Appeal

  1. Civil Cases.
  2. Criminal Cases.

Rule 7: Protection of Parties' Identities in Filed Documents

Texas Supreme Court and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Orders Approving Local Rules