Second Court of Appeals

Local Rules 

Table of Rules

Rule 1: Briefs

   A. Cover.
   B. Motions for Leave to File Briefs.
   C. Letter Briefs.
   D. Filing Dates.
   E. Recording or Exhibit.

Rule 1.1: Appendix in Lieu of Clerk’s Record in a Civil Case

   A. Notice of election.
   B. Time to File Original Appendix.
   C. Supplemental or Joint Appendices.
   D. Court-Directed Supplement.
   E. Contents of Original Appendix.
   F. Contents of All Appendices.
   G. Filing Requirements for All Appendices.
   H. No Clerk’s Record.
   I. Additional Filing Requirements for Second Court of Appeals.
   J. Redaction.
   K. References in Briefs or Other Appellate Filings.

Rule 2: Original Proceedings

Rule 3: Motions

  1. Number of Copies.
  2. Signatures and Certificates.
  3. Motions for Extension of Time in Criminal Cases.
  4. Motions for Rehearing and En Banc Reconsideration.

Rule 4: Oral Argument

  1. Request.
  2. Time Allowed.
  3. Continuance.
  4. Waiver.

Rule 5: Fax Filing of Documents

  1. By the Court.
  2. By the Parties.

Rule 6: Withdrawal of Record on Appeal

  1. Civil Cases.
  2. Criminal Cases.

Rule 7: Protection of Parties' Identities in Filed Documents

Texas Supreme Court and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Orders Approving Local Rules