Rules Advisory Committee


Members of the Committee are appointed by the Court, which shall from time to time determine their number, qualifications, and terms of service. A Chair appointed by the Court to serve at its pleasure calls meetings with the approval of the Court, prepares an agenda in advance of each meeting, and presides over the meetings. Judge David Newell is the current chair of the Committee. Proposals, drafts, and other materials to be discussed are circulated before meetings. A member of the Texas Supreme Court, as designated by that Court, and the Rules Attorney for the Texas Supreme Court serve as ex officio members of the Committee.

On February 24, 2020, the Court signed an order appointing the following members
to serve on the Committee until December 31, 2021:

    • Prof. Steven Goode, Austin
    • Hon. Tom Gray, Waco
    • Michael Gross, San Antonio
    • Hon. Barbara Hervey, Austin
    • Emily Johnson-Liu, Austin
    • Hon. Jefferson Moore, San Antonio
    • Hon. David Newell (Chair), Austin
    • Christopher Prine, Houston
    • John Rolator, McKinney
    • Sian Schilhab, Austin
    • Kathleen Schneider, Austin
    • Holly Taylor, Austin
    • Joseph Varela, Houston
    • Deana Williamson, Austin
    • Hon. Sheri Woodfin, San Angelo
    • Ben Wolff, Austin
    • Hon. Kevin Yeary, Austin

On May 13, 2019, the Court signed an order appointing the Hon. Sheri Woodfin of San Angelo, Texas to replace the Hon. Donna Kay McKinney of San Antonio and serve on the committee until December 31, 2019.