Texas Forensic Science Commission

Commission Staff 
Photo of Lynn Robitaille Garcia

Lynn Robitaille Garcia

General Counsel

Lynn Robitaille Garcia joined the FSC as General Counsel on December 14, 2010. Ms. Garcia advises the Commission on laboratory accreditation, forensic licensing and investigative functions, tracks developments in legislation relevant to the FSC's mission, ensures compliance with Texas open government laws, and represents the Commission before the Texas Legislature and at various national conferences. She is a member of the Forensic... Read more

Photo of Leigh M. Tomlin

Leigh M. Tomlin

Associate General Counsel

Ms. Tomlin was the first staff member of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, hired in the summer of 2008.  Currently, Ms. Tomlin serves as the Associate General Counsel to the Commission. In her role as Associate General Counsel, Ms. Tomlin provides legal counsel to the Commission on a broad array of administrative and governmental legal issues that assist the Commission... Read more

Photo of Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Senior Staff Attorney

Robert Smith received a BA in Business Administration from North Texas State University in 1981.  He obtained his Juris Doctorate from Texas Tech School of Law in 1984.  After graduation, he clerked at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  He has over thirty years of experience as a prosecutor for Travis County, Texas.  He has also practiced criminal defense and... Read more

Photo of Rodney Soward

Rodney Soward

Program Specialist

Rodney Soward joined the Texas Forensic Science Commission (TFSC) as a member of the licensing staff on November 5, 2018, and is currently a Program Specialist for TFSC. Mr. Soward is tasked with providing customer service assistance for licensees to complete & maintain licensing requirements. He is assigned to assist existing licensees with maintaining their current licensure and potential new licensees... Read more

Photo of Maggie Sowatzka

Maggie Sowatzka

Program Specialist

Maggie Sowatzka started with the Commission in the Fall of 2021, shortly after her graduation from the University of Georgia. Ms. Sowatzka helps with a myriad of tasks, including assisting Staff in managing the Commission's crime laboratory accreditation and forensic analyst programs. She aided in the writing and piloting of the new General Forensic Analyst Licensing Exam II. She also... Read more