Texas Forensic Science Commission

FSC Committee Assignments 

Forensic Development Committee

  • Nancy Downing
  • Sarah Kerrigan

In accordance with §5.0 of FSC policies and procedures, the FSC's Forensic Development Committee develops plans to strengthen the use of forensic science in criminal courts in Texas. Plans include implementing a reporting system through which accredited laboratories, facilities or entities are required to report professional negligence or misconduct. Such plans may include the collection and dissemination of funding opportunities for forensic science, support for training and the development of professional standards and the collection of information that supports programs for strengthening the reliability of forensic science in Texas.

Legislative Development Committee

  • Jeffrey Barnard
  • Mark Daniel

In accordance with §6.0 of FSC policies and procedures, the FSC's Legislative Development Committee studies the ongoing work of the FSC, monitors legislation and testifies on the application of statutes within the purview of the FSC. The Committee also reviews and recommends legislative appropriations requests to the full FSC and monitors the appropriations process as it affects the FSC.