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Enter or Run Reports

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District Court Report:

Form | Instructions (updated 08/25/2022)

Statutory County Courts Report (County Courts at Law/Statutory Probate Courts):

Form | Instructions (updated 08/25/2022)

Constitutional County Court Report:

Form | Instructions (updated 08/25/2022)


New Bail-Related Data Elements (SB 6, 04/01/2022) - Letter to Clerks, Reporting Guidance

Reporting Mental Health Assessments and Competency Evaluation Reports (SB 1326, 09/01/2017)

Civil and Family Case Category Examples (updated 07/17/15)

DPS Offense Codes Categorized by OCA Case Category (Version 18 - updated 04/17/2023) Markup Version

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XML Specifications and Tester

District Court XML Specifications (updated 05/12/2022)

Statutory County Court XML Specifications (updated 05/12/2022)

Constitutional County Court XML Specifications  (updated 03/14/2022)

XML Tester: Validate XML file format

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