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2021 Annual Statistical Report 

Judicial Branch: Structure and Operation

Appellate Courts

Supreme Court

Court of Criminal Appeals

Courts of Appeals

Administrative Judicial Regions

Trial Courts

Data reflect information submitted at the time of publication. For more current information, run a report from the Trial Court Activity database.

District Courts

Statutory County Courts 

Constitutional County Courts

District and County-level Courts - Combined Case Activity

  • Statewide Civil Case Activity (District and Statutory County)  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Family Case Activity  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Felony Case Activity  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Misdemeanor Case Activity  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Probate, Guardianship and Mental Health Case Activity   pdf  Excel
    • Probate Activity by County  pdf  Excel
    • Guardianship Activity by County  pdf  Excel
    • Mental Health Activity by County  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Juvenile Case Activity  pdf  Excel
    • Juvenile Activity by County  pdf  Excel
      • Sorted by population   pdf 
    • Age of Cases Disposed   pdf  Excel
      • Sorted by population   pdf  
    • Other Juvenile Case Activity by County  pdf  Excel

Justice and Municipal Courts - Combined Case Activity

  • Activity Detail  Excel

Justice Courts

Municipal Courts