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Case Summaries 

Case Summaries

Below are summaries of cases set for oral argument during the Supreme Court of Texas' 2024-2025 court term.

The summaries are created by the Court's staff attorneys and law clerks and do not constitute the Court’s official descriptions or statements. Links to the full case documents are included within each summary.

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Causes set for oral argument during the 2024-2025 court term
Case # Style Consolidated for Oral Argument with Oral Argument Date
22-0662 City of Austin v. Powell   9/10/2024
22-0787 In the interest of J.Y.O., a child   9/10/2024
23-0094 City of Houston v. Rodriguez   9/10/2024
22-0940 Tex. Tech Univ. Health Scis. Ctr.-El Paso v. Flores   9/11/2024
23-0427 Pitts v. Rivas   9/11/2024
24-0116 Port Arthur Comm. Action Network v. TCEQ   9/11/2024
24-0368 Roe v. Patterson   9/11/2024
23-0024 ConocoPhillips Co. v. Hahn   9/12/2024
23-0460 Bush v. Columbia Med. Ctr. of Arlington Subsidiary, L.P.   9/12/2024
23-0694 Webster v. Comm’n for Law. Discipline   9/12/2024