Supreme Court

Release Date Title Download Video
01/30/2012 Ex-Justice Deborah G. Hankinson's Mother Dies in Dallas    
01/30/2012 Dorothy L. Godich, 1925-2012    
01/25/2012 Chief Justice Jefferson Response to Request to Suspend Uniform Forms Task Force Work for State Bar Review PDF  
01/05/2012 State Bar President Bob Black Letter PDF  
12/30/2011 Amended Order on Rules Addressing Lien Foreclosures Issued December 30 PDF  
12/20/2011 Court's Liaison Assignments Effective January 1 PDF  
12/16/2011 Performance Report for 2010-11 Term    
12/16/2011 Chief Justice Jefferson's Letter to the Governor and Legislative Budget Board PDF  
12/12/2011 Final Approval of Rules Amendments for Service, Citation PDF  
12/12/2011 Rules Amendments for State Actions Involving Parent-Child Relationships PDF  
12/12/2011 Final Approval of Rules Addressing Lien Foreclosures PDF  
12/09/2011 Bar Foundation Grant to Enable Online-Search Capabilities For Texas Court Rules    
12/08/2011 Court Hearing on Efiling Set Thursday    
11/29/2011 Judge Specia To Be Awarded Brazelton Infant Mental Health Advocacy Award PDF  
11/22/2011 Aransas County Judge Suspended by Agreed Order PDF  
10/31/2011 Briefing Schedule in Nestle Tax Challenge Case    
10/18/2011 Hearing Set December 8 on Statewide Electronic Court Filings PDF  
10/17/2011 Amendments to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 99, 107, 108, 117, 239, 536a, 688, 689, 737.4,742, and 742a Adopted PDF  
10/17/2011 Order Adopting Amendments to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 735 and 736 PDF  
09/26/2011 Task Force Appointed for Expedited-Actions Rules PDF  
09/07/2011 Appointment of Task Force for Rules in Small Claims Cases and Justice Court Proceedings PDF  
08/31/2011 Order Adopting Amended Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure 20.1 and 25.1 PDF  
08/31/2011 Order Adopting Amended Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 167 PDF  
08/31/2011 Adoption of Rule 168 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Amendments to Rule 28 of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure PDF  
08/31/2011 Court Records Preservation Task Force Report PDF  
08/30/2011 Pleadings Notice Requested When Statutes Challenged as Unconstitutional    
08/22/2011 Court Schedules Briefing in Margin-Tax Challenge    
08/16/2011 Order to Require Attorneys' Electronic Filings through State Web Site    
07/19/2011 Memorial Service for Judge Garwood Set July 29    
07/05/2011 Amendments to TRCP 18a and 18b Approved PDF  
06/15/2011 Slide Show of Chief Justice Greenhill's Memorial Service, June 13, 2011 PDF  
06/10/2011 Chief Justice Greenhill Memorial Service Set PDF  
06/01/2011 Court Urges Legislature to Allocate $20 Million for Legal Aid in State Budget    
05/19/2011 New Rules, Mandamus Attorneys to Join Court    
05/11/2011 Justices to Speak at Law School Commencement Exercises    
04/29/2011 Court's Rules Attorney, Kennon Peterson, Leaves Court to Return to Private Practice    
04/21/2011 Court Names Jen Cafferty New General Counsel    
04/18/2011 Texas Legislature to Honor Chief Justice Pope on His 98th Birthday    
04/11/2011 Proposed Amendments to Texas Rules Governing Recusal and Disqualification of Judges PDF  
03/28/2011 Electronic-Filing Begins    
03/15/2011 Court Creates Task Force to Assure Uniform Forms for Litigants Representing Themselves PDF  
03/26/2011 Justice Paul W. Green's Father, Hubert W. Green, San Antonio Lawyer, Dies at 84    
03/15/2011 Amendments to Civil Procedure Rules 281, 284 and Jury Instructions Approved PDF  
02/28/2011 TRAP Amendments: Governing Electronic Copies and Filings in the Courts of Appeals PDF  
03/01/2011 Electronic-Copy and Electronic-Filing Rules for Supreme Court of Texas PDF  
02/23/2011 Chief Justice Jefferson, in State of the Judiciary, Calls for Legal Aid Financing, Juvenile Justice Programs, Judicial-Selection Reforms PDF  
09/30/2011 Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson's Statement on Defeat of Proposed Disciplinary Rules Amendments    
02/11/2011 Chief Justice Joe R. Greenhill Dies    
02/11/2011 Joe Greenhill in Photos PDF  
02/11/2011 Chief Justice Greenhill On Succeeding Robert W. Calvert   Video
02/11/2011 On the "Turning Point" of His Life & Being Buried Next to "Three-Legged Willie"   Video