Second Court of Appeals

Week of April 27, 2015 

Summaries of Civil Opinions and Published Criminal Opinions Issued - Week of April 27, 2015.

NOTE: Summaries are prepared by the court's staff attorneys and law clerks for public information only and reflect his or her interpretation alone of the facts and legal issues. The summaries are not part of the court's opinion in the case and should not be cited to, quoted, or relied upon as the opinion of the court.

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Smallwood v. State, No. 02-13-00532-CR (April 30, 2015) (Dauphinot, J.; Gardner and Walker, JJ., concur without opinion).

Held:  The evidence showed that Appellant made various death threats to keep the minor complainant participating in the relationship over time.  She understood those threats to be continuing threats of imminent harm at any time.  Under the unique facts of this case, the element of imminence is satisfied for each aggravated sexual assault.