Judicial Branch Certification Commission

Request for Records 

The Commission processes requests for records/information in compliance with Rule 12 of the Rules of Judicial Administration.

Under section 155.155 Government Code, information contained within the JBCC online system, regarding Guardianship Registrations, is confidential and therefore not subject to disclosure under Chapter 552 or any other law. 

Complete the Request for Information form below and submit it to:

  • Email: jbcc@txcourts.gov, or
  • Mail to:

    Judicial Branch Certification Commission
    Attn: Record Requests
    PO Box 12066
    Austin, TX 78711-2066

Request for Records Form

  • The JBCC does not maintain court records or criminal history records. Court records may be obtained from the court where the case was heard. Criminal history records may be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).
  • Please make your request as specific as possible. The more specific your request, the better we'll be able to determine what records to pull for you.
  • You can locate contact information, or a list of those certified, licensed, or registered with the Commission, via our online licensing system on the home page of the licensees certification department (i.e., Court Reporters, Court Interpreters, Guardians, or Process Servers). Searches can be conducted by name, or certification numbers. When searching by certification number, you must include the prefix and the number. For example, CSR-1234, LCI-1234, CG-1234, PG-1234, or PSC-1234.
    If you are unable to locate the information online, please complete and submit the Request for Records Form. Please note that our office only provides business contact information (if available). 
  • Please do not include the reason for the request as that information is not required. Under Rule 12, requests are to be processed within 14 days. Should there be any delays in processing requests, you will be notified in writing.
  • Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an invoice of the estimated cost (if payment is required for your request.) Upon receipt of your written agreement to pay fees and authorization for the Commission to process your request, we will proceed accordingly. Upon completion, you will receive an invoice of the actual cost. Once payment is received, we will forward your requested records.
Updated: 03/25/2021