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2019 Annual Statistical Report 

Judicial Branch: Structure and Operation

Supreme Court

Court of Criminal Appeals

Courts of Appeals

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Statutory County Courts 

Constitutional County Courts

District and County-level Courts - Combined Case Activity

  • Statewide Civil Case Activity (District and Statutory County)  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Family Case Activity  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Felony Case Activity  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Misdemeanor Case Activity  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Probate, Guardianship and Mental Health Case Activity   pdf  Excel
    • Probate Activity by County pdf Excel
    • Guardianship Activity by County  pdf  Excel
    • Mental Health Activity by County  pdf  Excel
  • Statewide Juvenile Case Activity  pdf  Excel
    • Juvenile Activity by County  pdf  Excel
      • Sorted by population   pdf 
    • Age of Cases Disposed   pdf  Excel
      • Sorted by population   pdf  
    • Other Juvenile Case Activity by County  pdf  Excel

Justice and Municipal Courts - Combined Case Activity

  • Activity Detail  Excel

Justice Courts

Municipal Courts