Texas Forensic Science Commission

Laboratory Licensee Change Reporting Form 

Laboratory Licensee Change Reporting Form

Licensee changes and updates reported by employer

Please use the following form to report any changes in the status of a licensed employee’s status of employment, change in forensic discipline or scope of the forensic discipline(s) in which the employee is authorized to perform forensic analysis at the laboratory.

Licensee Change Reporting Form

This requirement is supplemental to a crime laboratory’s duty to report professional negligence and/or professional misconduct to the Commission through a self-disclosure.  

The FSC will examine the details of your licensing disclosure to determine what level of review to perform, if any, and what changes to make to the licensee’s license status. We aim to have updated current information published with respect to the status of any licensee in a timely and expeditious manner.

Please remember that all information provided to the Commission is subject to disclosure under Rule 12 Rule of Judicial Administration, Public Access to Judicial Records.

Examples of laboratory forensic analyst or technician changes and events appropriately reported on this form:

  • departed employment
  • change in scope of work/forensic discipline
  • human resources action
  • leave of absence that affects the status or laboratory’s authorization of an employee’s license
  • misunderstanding of licensing requirements
  • name change (if not already reported by the licensee)

Please include current Proficiency Monitoring Certification Form (PMC) for new hires and for
discipline changes/additions.