Texas Forensic Science Commission

Mandatory Legal and Professional Responsibility Course 

Texas Forensic Science Commission Legal and Professional Responsibility Course 

Mandatory for Texas Licensed Forensic Analysts and Technicians

The Texas Forensic Science Commission developed a training on topics covering case law on forensic disclosure obligations, including topics covering Brady and the Michael Morton Act and a crime laboratory and forensic analyst and technician's professional and ethical responsibilities as outlined in the Texas Code of Professional Responsibility for Forensic Analysts, Forensic Technicians, and Crime Laboratory Management. (37 Tex. Admin. Code Chapter 651.219.) All licensed Texas Forensic Analysts and Technicians are required to take the Mandatory Legal and Professional Responsibility course offered by the Commission once each license cycle for renewal of their license.

The course is also strongly recommended for all non-licensed Texas forensic practitioners working in management roles or in forensic disciplines not subject to mandatory license requirements.  In addition, the Commission strongly encourages all criminal justice stakeholders, including prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys and the judiciary to understand and be familiar with the concepts in the training.  

Instructions for accessing the training are linked below--


TopClass Account Registration and Access Link


To register for the course, you’ll visit the TopClass home page at the link above. 

You’ll need to register for an account.  After you create an account and log in, you’ll click on “Catalog” or the magnifying glass from the side menu bar.  Search the Catalog for “Legal 2022” and the course will pop up. Click “Apply” or “enroll” yourself and launch the course from your “Learning” tab. If you are a licensed Forensic Analyst or Technician, you'll automatically be registered for this course each license cycle as part of your license renewal and won't need to follow these steps.  You'll need to complete the course as part of your regular license renewal application.