Texas Forensic Science Commission

Voluntary Licensure 

Voluntary Licensure

The Commission may issue an individual forensic analyst license for forensic examinations or tests not subject to accreditation requirements on a voluntary basis pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 4-a(c). The Commission's rules and requirements related to voluntary licensure can be found in Texas Administrative Code Chapter 651.222.  For instructions on applying for a voluntary license, please visit the link on our website here.  

Types of voluntary licenses currently offered by the Commission include:

  • Digital/Multimedia Evidence Analyst
  • Document Examination Analyst
  • Forensic Anthropologist
  • Latent Print Analyst

Voluntary Licensure Standards Requirement

The Commission's administrative rules require employing forensic science service providers of voluntary licensees, regardless of the service provider's accreditation status, to demonstrate compliance with specific standards as applicable to the applicant's forensic discipline as published on the Commission's website and updated January 15 of each calendar year.

Voluntary Licensure Standards Requirements for Employing Forensic Science Service Providers