Texas Forensic Science Commission

Licensing Advisory Committee Members 
Photo of Calli Bailey

Calli Bailey

     Calli Bailey was licensed to practice law in the State of Texas in 2011.  Prior to joining the Collin County District Attorney’s Office in August 2012, she worked as a briefing attorney on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin.  In Collin County, Mrs. Bailey was assigned to the misdemeanor and felony trial divisions and Special Prosecution... Read more

Sandy Parent

Sandy Parent is the Comparative Disciplines Program Coordinator for the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory System, supporting the forensic disciplines of Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (“AFIS”); Forensic Document Examinations; Friction Ridge; Firearms and Toolmarks; and Trace Evidence. Prior to being promoted to the program coordinator position, she was a forensic scientist in the Trace Evidence discipline for 22... Read more

Photo of Angelica Cogliano

Angelica Cogliano

Licensing Advisory Committee Member

     Angelica Cogliano is a criminal defense attorney in Austin, TX, with a practice focused on litigating issues in forensic science. Prior to attending Emory Law School, Ms. Cogliano earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and master's degree from New York University. She is currently pursuing her second master's degree - in forensic science - at Arizona State... Read more

Photo of Dr. Kelly Wouters

Dr. Kelly Wouters


Dr. Kelly Wouters is the Laboratory Director for Armstrong Forensic Laboratory in Arlington, Texas.  He received his B.S. in Chemistry from The University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D.  in Chemistry from The University of Texas at Arlington.  Dr. Wouters has worked as a forensic chemist for 15 years and has testified in court as an expert witness in the disciplines... Read more

Photo of Ed Wallace

Ed Wallace

Ed Wallace is the Forensic Scientist Supervisor of the Bexar County Criminal Investigation Laboratory’s Firearm and Tool Mark Section. He has been a Forensic Firearm Examiner for over twenty-six years. Ed graduated from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1996 with a Master of Science Degree in Forensic Science. After completion of his degree, he was employed as a Firearm... Read more

Photo of Michelle Paulson

Michelle Paulson

Michelle Paulson is the Forensic Services Division Manager at the Plano Police Department, which oversees the Crime Scene/Latent Print, Firearms, and Digital Media units.  She has a BS in Forensic Science from Baylor University (2005) and an MA in Conflict Management and Resolution from Abilene Christian University (2019).  Michelle is an International Association for Identification (IAI) Certified Latent Print Examiner... Read more

Photo of Andrew Greenwood

Andrew Greenwood

Andrew Greenwood has been a Forensic Toxicologist with the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences for five years where he routinely tests biological specimens for the presence of alcohol and drugs as well as testifies as an expert witness. Mr. Greenwood received his Bachelor of Science in Forensic and Investigative Sciences with a minor in Chemistry from Texas A&M University... Read more

Photo of Carina Haynes

Carina Haynes

Carina Haynes has worked with the Houston Forensic Science Center (HFSC) since 2017.  She began her career as a Crime Scene Investigator in North Carolina in 2009 and transitioned to HFSC’s Crime Scene Unit in 2017 as the first civilian Crime Scene Supervisor.  In May 2021, Ms. Haynes was named Director of the unit. Ms. Haynes received her B.A. degree... Read more

Photo of Katherine Sanchez

Katherine Sanchez

Katherine Sanchez is the Quality Assurance Program Manager for the Forensic Science Department in Austin, where she is responsible for ensuring compliance with accreditation requirements and promoting continuous improvement efforts. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Katherine began her professional career in forensics as a chemist in 2008, analyzing... Read more