Texas Forensic Science Commission

Sandy Parent 

Sandy Parent is the Comparative Disciplines Program Coordinator for the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory System, supporting the forensic disciplines of Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (“AFIS”); Forensic Document Examinations; Friction Ridge; Firearms and Toolmarks; and Trace Evidence. Prior to being promoted to the program coordinator position, she was a forensic scientist in the Trace Evidence discipline for 22 years and specialized in hair, fibers, paint/polymers, impressions, filaments, physical match and gunshot primer residue.

Throughout her career, Ms. Parent has been active in local and national communities as a member of various professional organizations and committees, including OSAC Materials (Trace) Subcommittee; ASTEE (founding member); ANAB Technical Assessor; NIJ/DOJ Steering and Advisory Committees; Texas Forensic Science Commission Microscopic Hair Testimony Review Committee; and Texas Sherriff’s Association Cold Case Committee. She has also presented scientific papers at AAFS, IAI and the Trace Evidence Symposiums.

Ms. Parent received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Michigan State University.