Texas Forensic Science Commission

Commission Investigative Reports 
Texas Forensic Science Commission Investigative Reports
Type Case # Submitted By Report Discipline Published Size (MB)
Complaint 09.02 National Innocence Project Complaint against Texas Department of Public Safety El Paso on behalf of Brandon Lee Moon Serology 09/08/2011 1.38
Complaint 10.25 Travis Co District Attorney & Austin Police Department Complaint against Austin Police Department Forensic Science Division Crime Laboratory by Cecily Hamilton Quality Assurance 09/08/2011 1.98
Complaint 09.01 National Innocence Project Complaint against Texas State Fire Marshal's Office on behalf of Cameron Todd Willingham & Ernest Ray Willis Fire Debris / Arson 10/28/2011 22.60
Complaint 11.11 National Innocence Project Complaint against El Paso Police Department Crime Laboratory Controlled Substance 07/27/2012 5.89
Complaint 12.01 ASCLD-LAB for IFL; Debra Stephens Integrated Forensic Laboratories, LLC (IFL)/Debra Stephens against Austin Police Department Crime Laboratory Drug Chemistry 10/05/2012 9.89
Self-Disclosure 12.01 TCME Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office Crime Laboratory Self-Disclosure Forensic Biology 10/05/2012 0.91
Self-Disclosure 12.02 DPS Texas Department of Public Safety Houston Regional Crime Laboratory Self-Disclosure Seized Drugs 04/05/2013 0.23
Self-Disclosure 14.10 HFSC Houston Forensic Science Center Analyst Self-Disclosure Toxicology 01/23/2014 0.27
Self-Disclosure 14.01 IFL Integrated Forensic Laboratories, LLC Laboratory Self-Disclosure Firearms / Tool Marks 11/05/2015 10.30
Complaint 14.11 Tamara Parsons Complaint against Knox & Associates re Height Determination on behalf of George R. Powell, III  Forensic Video Analysis 04/12/2016 45.10
Complaint 15.07 National Innocence Project Complaint on Behalf of Steven Mark Chaney Bite Mark Comparison 04/12/2016 0.29
Complaint 14.08 Frank Blazek Complaint against Southwestern Institute of Forensic Science (SWIFS) on Behalf of  Joshua Ragston Firearms / Tool Marks 04/19/2016 28.30
Accreditation   N/A Austin Police Department Forensic Services Division, DNA Section Forensic Biology 07/08/2016 17.00
Accreditation   N/A National Medical Services, Inc. (NMS) DNA Analysis in Case of U.S. v. Torney Forensic Biology 04/20/2018 20.60
Complaint 16.48 Harris County Criminal Lawyers' Association Complaint against Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences & Fessessework Guale Toxicology 04/20/2018 74.80
Self-Disclosure 17.28 DPS Texas Department of Public Safety (Garland) Self-Disclosure Concerning Testimony of Christopher Youngkin Blood Alcohol 04/20/2018 104.20
Complaint 16.40 Harris Co Public Defender's Office

Complaint against Harris Co Institute of Forensic Sciences, Harris Co Sheriff's Office and Houston PD on behalf of Norma Clark

GSR/BPA 02/02/2018 6.8
Complaint 17.04 Lisa Gefrides

Complaint Against Houston Forensic Science Center

Forensic Biology/DNA 07/08/2018 46.2
Complaint 16.56 Walter Reaves for Joe. D Bryan

Complaint Against Robert Thorman and Texas Department of Public Safety

BPA/Serology 10/05/2018 .848
Complaint 18.21 Amanda Culbertson

Texas Department of Public Safety- El Paso

Blood Alcohol 8/16/2019  
Self-Disclosure 19.03 Texas Department of Public Safety (Austin)

Texas Department of Public Safety (Austin) Self-Disclosure Concerning Testimony of D. Jody Koehler

Forensic Biology/DNA 08/16/2019  
Complaint 19.04 Dr. Robert Collins

Texas Department of Public Safety (Houston)

Forensic Biology/DNA 4/1/2021  
Self-Disclosure 19.12 Ft. Worth Police Department

Ft. Worth Police Department Crime Lab Self-Disclosure Concerning Analyst Amanda Schaffner

Forensic Biology/DNA 8/16/2019  
Self-Disclosure 19.46 NMS Labs

NMS Labs Self-Disclosure Concerning Analyst Jessica Almond

Seized Drugs 7/24/2020  
Self-Disclosure 20.13 Signature Science

Signature Science Self-Disclosure of Professional Misconduct and Evidence Handling by Technician Caitlyn Mercer

Forensic Biology 4/1/2021  
Self-Disclosure 20.48 DPS Austin

Texas Department of Public Safety (Austin) Self-Disclosure Concerning Seized Drug Analyst Timothy Cornelisen

Seized Drugs 4/1/2021