Supreme Court

Administrative Orders, 2015 
Order #TitleReleased
15-9246Order Amending the Rules and Forms for a Judicial Bypass of Parental Notice and Consent Under Ch. 33 of the Family Code12/29/2015
15-9249Voluntary Resignation of Attorney (Mary Lee Hopkins)12/17/2015
15-9250Voluntary Resignation of Attorney (Antonio Y. Pina)12/17/2015
15-9251Voluntary Resignation of Attorney (Catherine M. Salinas)12/17/2015
15-9242Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Brown12/15/2015
15-9243Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Van Baugh12/15/2015
15-9244Order Amending the Texas Plan for Recognition and Regulation of Specialization in the Law12/15/2015
15-9245Corrected Order Adopting Standards for Attorney Certification in Construction Law12/15/2015
15-9247Approval of UNT Dallas College of Law Under the Rules and Regulations Governing the Participation of Qualified Law Students and Qualified Unlicensed Law School Graduates in the Trial of Cases in Texas12/15/2015
15-9248Transfer of Cases from Courts of Appeals12/15/2015
15-9233Order Creating the Texas Commission to Expand Civil Legal Services11/23/2015
15-9241Order of Suspension - The Honorable David B. Lewis11/19/2015
15-9235Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Fafatas11/17/2015
15-9239Appointments to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct11/17/2015
15-9240Order Renaming the Texas Center For Legal Ethics Course, The Justice James A. Baker Guide To Ethics And Professionalism In Texas11/17/2015
15-9237Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Reese11/16/2015
15-9238Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ivy11/16/2015
15-9236Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Crampton11/06/2015
15-9234Denial of Request to Transfer Case From the Fourteenth Court of Appeals10/30/2015
15-9222Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Pike10/28/2015
15-9223Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - O’Connell10/28/2015
15-9224Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Blomgren10/28/2015
15-9225Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Grant10/28/2015
15-9226Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Harvey10/28/2015
15-9227Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Holland10/28/2015
15-9228Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Hurst10/28/2015
15-9229Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Jennings10/28/2015
15-9230Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Rodriques 10/28/2015
15-9231Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Stone10/28/2015
15-9232Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Hayes10/28/2015
15-9198Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Smith10/20/2015
15-9212Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Demond10/20/2015
15-9213Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Fredrickson10/20/2015
15-9220Transfer of Case from the Eleventh Court of Appeals to the Second Court of Appeals10/20/2015
15-9221Order Adopting Standards for Attorney Certification in Construction Law10/20/2015
15-9214Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Foley10/16/2015
15-9215Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Mulcihy10/16/2015
15-9216Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Garcia10/16/2015
15-9217Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Alonso10/16/2015
15-9218Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Loya10/16/2015
15-9219Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Meachum10/16/2015
15-9211Appointments to the Commission to Study and Review certain Penal Laws created by the 84th Legislature10/06/2015
15-9204Approval of Technology Standards, Version 2.5, set by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology (Joint Order, Court of Criminal Appeals Misc. Docket No. 15-003)10/01/2015
15-9205Final Approval of Rules Governing Electronic Filing in Criminal Cases (Joint Order, Court of Criminal Appeals Misc. Docket No. 15-004)10/01/2015
15-9206Appointments to the Professional Ethics Committee10/01/2015
15-9207Approval of Election to be a Senior Judge10/01/2015
15-9208Approval of Election to be a Senior Judge10/01/2015
15-9209Disbursement of Access to Justice Contributions10/01/2015
15-9210Appointment to the Board of Law Examiners10/01/2015
15-9203Appointment to the Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Commission09/30/2015
15-9201Amended Approval of Grant Awards for Basic Civil Legal Services for Veterans (BCLSVET) Funds for 2015-201709/28/2015
15-9202Approval of Grant Awards for Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault Basic Civil Legal Services Funds for October 1, 2015 - September 30, 201609/28/2015
15-9200Transfer of Cases from the First Court of Appeals to the Fourteenth Court of Appeals 09/25/2015
15-9199Transfer of Cases from the Courts of Appeals09/22/2015
15-9183Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Smith09/16/2015
15-9184Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ward09/16/2015
15-9185Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Lafave09/16/2015
15-9186Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Petty09/16/2015
15-9187Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Strickland09/16/2015
15-9188Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Martinez09/16/2015
15-9189Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Worley09/16/2015
15-9190Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Lewis09/16/2015
15-9191Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Dalton09/16/2015
15-9192Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Holmes09/16/2015
15-9193Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Quetsch09/16/2015
15-9194Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Fomous09/16/2015
15-9195Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Cornelius09/16/2015
15-9196Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Harp09/16/2015
15-9197Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Schreiber09/16/2015
15-9170Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Wright09/08/2015
15-9177Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Thawer09/08/2015
15-9180Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Jones09/08/2015
15-9181Appointment to the Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families 09/08/2015
15-9182Appointments to the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee09/08/2015
15-9179Transfer of Case from the Second Court of Appeals to the Sixth Court of Appeals09/04/2015
15-9178Appointments to the Texas Judicial Council09/03/2015
15-9118Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Esquivel08/28/2015
15-9120Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Carden08/28/2015
15-9121Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Bergman08/28/2015
15-9151Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Acevedo08/28/2015
15-9152Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Powell08/28/2015
15-9153Supplemental Appointment to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee08/28/2015
15-9154Final Approval of Amendments to Article XII of the State Bar Rules08/28/2015
15-9155Order Amending Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21 to Exempt Truancy Cases from the Electronic Filing Mandate08/28/2015
15-9156Order Accelerating Juvenile Certification Appeals and Requiring Juvenile Courts to Give Notice of the Right to an Immediate Appeal08/28/2015
15-9157Order on Judicial Instruction Relating to Family Violence, Sexual Assault, Trafficking of Persons, Child Abuse, Sex Offender Characteristics, and Guardianship Issues08/28/2015
15-9158Fees Charged in the Supreme Court, in Civil Cases in the Courts of Appeals, and Before the Judicial Panel of Multi-District Litigation08/28/2015
15-9171Appointments to the Judicial Committee on Information Technology08/28/2015
15-9172Appointments to the Board of Disciplinary Appeals08/28/2015
15-9173Appointment of Public Members to the Commission for Lawyer Discipline08/28/2015
15-9174Approval of Grant Awards for Basic Civil Legal Services for Veterans (BCLSVET) Funds for September 1, 2015 - August 31, 201708/28/2015
15-9175Appointments to the Texas Access to Justice Foundation Board of Directors 08/28/2015
15-9176Appointments to the Grievance Oversight Committee08/28/2015
15-9169Appointment to the Judicial Advisory Council 08/27/2015
15-9159Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Flamm08/26/2015
15-9160Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Warner08/26/2015
15-9161Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Cohick08/26/2015
15-9162Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Burnett08/26/2015
15-9163Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Palladino08/26/2015
15-9164Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Gentry08/26/2015
15-9165Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Klemens08/26/2015
15-9166Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Glotfelty08/26/2015
15-9167Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Schratwieser08/26/2015
15-9168Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Crawford08/26/2015
15-9146Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Morgan08/11/2015
15-9147Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Ponce08/11/2015
15-9148Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Sarfo08/11/2015
15-9149Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Isgitt08/11/2015
15-9150Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Vega08/11/2015
15-9143Order Appointing a Special Master and Directing a Hearing07/31/2015
15-9144Transfer of Case from the Seventh Court of Appeals to the Fourth Court of Appeals07/31/2015
15-9126Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Binkley07/23/2015
15-9127Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Blackman07/23/2015
15-9128Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Brown07/23/2015
15-9129Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Bryant07/23/2015
15-9130Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Couture07/23/2015
15-9131Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Karavias07/23/2015
15-9132Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - La Budde07/23/2015
15-9133Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Lyon07/23/2015
15-9134Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Nicholson07/23/2015
15-9135Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Popik07/23/2015
15-9136Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ratliff07/23/2015
15-9137Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Reichman07/23/2015
15-9138Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Rosel07/23/2015
15-9139Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Scott07/23/2015
15-9140Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Sullivan07/23/2015
15-9141Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - TerBeek07/23/2015
15-9142Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Wharton07/23/2015
15-9125Denial of Motion for Clarification of Jurisdiction and Denial of Request to Retransfer Cases07/22/2015
15-9123Approval of Grant Awards of Crime Victims Civil Legal Services (CVCLS) Funds for September 1, 2015 - August 31, 201607/21/2015
15-9124Approval of Grant Awards of Basic Civil Legal Services (BCLS) Funds for September 1, 2015 - August 31, 201707/21/2015
15-9122Transfer of Case for the Fifth Court of Appeals to the Eighth Court of Appeals07/20/2015
15-9119Supreme Court Advisory Committee07/06/2015
15-9117Appointments to the Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation06/29/2015
15-9100Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Umeakuana06/25/2015
15-9101Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Vargas06/23/2015
15-9114Transfer of Cases from the Courts of Appeals06/23/2015
15-9115Approval of Amended Local Rules for the District Courts of Leon County06/23/2015
15-9116Approval of Amendments to Rule 1 of the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas06/23/2015
15-9102Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Hall06/22/2015
15-9103Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Trip06/22/2015
15-9104Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Logan06/22/2015
15-9105Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Fink06/22/2015
15-9106Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Deslauriers06/22/2015
15-9107Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Horndeski06/22/2015
15-9108Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Johnson06/22/2015
15-9109Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Kilgo06/22/2015
15-9110Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Valenzuela06/22/2015
15-9111Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Stolar06/22/2015
15-9112Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Jorgensen06/22/2015
15-9113Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ehrlich06/22/2015
15-9098Adoption of Fiscal Year 2016 Budget for the Board of Law Examiners06/16/2015
15-9099Appointments to the Board of Law Examiners06/16/2015
15-9094Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Hanna and Healey, Jr.06/12/2015
15-9095Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Herrick06/12/2015
15-9096Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Foley06/12/2015
15-9097Denial of Retransfer of Case from the Fifth Court of Appeals06/10/2015
15-9090Order Adopting Rules Governing Electronic Filing in Criminal Cases 06/09/2015
15-9091Appointments to the Access to Justice Commission06/09/2015
15-9092Membership of the Texas Access to Justice Commission06/09/2015
15-9093Public Member Appointment to the Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas06/09/2015
15-9084Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Young06/02/2015
15-9085Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - McGinty06/02/2015
15-9086Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Monkman06/02/2015
15-9087Order Adopting Amendments to the Standards for Attorney Certification in Civil Appellate; Criminal Appellate; Health; Immigration and Nationality; and Oil, Gas and Mineral Law06/02/2015
15-9088Public Member Appointment to the Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas06/02/2015
15-9089Appointment to the Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families06/02/2015
15-9081Certification of an Approved Legal Assistance Organization05/14/2015
15-9079Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Risley05/12/2015
15-9083Order Approving FY 2015-2016 Budget of the State Bar of Texas05/12/2015
15-9082Transfer of Case from the First Court of Appeals to the Fourth Court of Appeals05/08/2015
15-9080Denial of Request to Retransfer Case from the Seventh Court of Appeals05/07/2015
15-9078Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Jaffe05/04/2015
15-9066Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - O’Laughlin04/28/2015
15-9067Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Villalobos04/28/2015
15-9068Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - S. Browne04/28/2015
15-9074Approval of Local Rules Governing the Procedure for Making a Record of Civil Court Proceedings by Electronic Recording in the Constitutional County Court of Andrews County04/28/2015
15-9075Approval of Local Rules for the El Paso County Statutory Probate Courts04/28/2015
15-9076Approval of Amended Local Rules for the District and County Courts of Hunt County04/28/2015
15-9077Order Approving Amendments to Article XII of the State Bar of Texas04/28/2015
15-9069Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - R. Browne04/27/2015
15-9070Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Reyes04/27/2015
15-9071Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Reilley04/27/2015
15-9072Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Oliver04/27/2015
15-9073Transfer of case from the Tenth Court of Appeals to the Eighth Court of Appeals04/27/2015
15-9056Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Woods04/17/2015
15-9057Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Bethune04/17/2015
15-9058Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Graves04/17/2015
15-9059Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Jones04/17/2015
15-9060Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Herring04/17/2015
15-9061Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - McGuire04/17/2015
15-9064Approval of Election to be a Senior Judge - Hon. James L. Carroll04/16/2015
15-9065Approval of Election to be a Senior Judge - Hon. Fidencio M. Guerra, Jr.04/16/2015
15-9053Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Matzke04/14/2015
15-9055Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Siegel04/14/2015
15-9062Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Martindale04/10/2015
15-9063Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ray04/10/2015
15-9054Transfer of Cases from the Courts of Appeals03/24/2015
15-9052Transfer of Case from the Third Court of Appeals to the Eleventh Court of Appeals03/13/2015
15-9048Final Approval of Amendments to the Texas Rules of Evidence03/12/2015
15-9050Transfer of case from the Fifth Court of Appeals to the Tenth Court of Appeals03/12/2015
15-9047Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Murchison03/11/2015
15-9049Approval of Election to be a Senior Judge - Hon. Richard N. Countiss03/10/2015
15-9051Approval of Amended Local Rules for the District Courts of Collin County03/10/2015
15-9042Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Veenstra03/06/2015
15-9043Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Nguyen03/06/2015
15-9044Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Lanfear03/06/2015
15-9045Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Toscano03/06/2015
15-9046Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Sherman03/06/2015
15-9038Order Approving Name Change for the College of the State Bar of Texas02/19/2015
15-9039Approval of Amendments to Rule 1 of the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas02/19/2015
15-9040Order Adopting Amendments to the Internal Procedural Rules of the Board of Disciplinary Appeals02/19/2015
15-9041Approval of Technology Standards, Version 2.0, set by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology02/19/2015
15-9030Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Den02/11/2015
15-9031Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Beller02/11/2015
15-9032Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Mrowca02/11/2015
15-9033Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Lowery02/11/2015
15-9034Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Gerads02/11/2015
15-9035Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ungerleider02/11/2015
15-9036Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Marion02/11/2015
15-9037Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Mayer02/11/2015
15-9023Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Gormly02/10/2015
15-9024Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Braun02/10/2015
15-9025Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Saldana02/10/2015
15-9026Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Jackson02/10/2015
15-9027Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Chandler-Anderson02/10/2015
15-9028Rescission of Misc. Docket No. 13-907402/09/2015
15-9029Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action – Crampton02/09/2015
15-9022Transfer of Cases from the Courts of Appeals01/27/2015
15-9019Rescission of Misc. Docket No. 14-917201/26/2015
15-9020Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action – Lipshy01/26/2015
15-9021Appointment to the Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation01/22/2015
15-9001Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Lawrence01/15/2015
15-9002Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Bailey 01/15/2015
15-9003Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Clark01/15/2015
15-9004Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Henderson 01/15/2015
15-9005Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Treichel01/15/2015
15-9006Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Barry 01/15/2015
15-9007Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Degravelles 01/15/2015
15-9008Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Hipolita 01/15/2015
15-9009Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Benedetto 01/15/2015
15-9010Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Driscoll 01/15/2015
15-9011Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Novak 01/15/2015
15-9012Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Black 01/15/2015
15-9013Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ehresman 01/15/2015
15-9014Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Small 01/15/2015
15-9015Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Lee 01/15/2015
15-9016Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Prendergast 01/15/2015
15-9017Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Ophuls 01/15/2015
15-9018Voluntary Resignation of Attorney - Welch 01/15/2015